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Denture Stippling Mandrel

The ¼ inch shaft will fit most standard chucks on a dental lathe. The user should place 4 each of either a #2, #4, or #6 round straight handpiece or friction grip steel or carbide burs into the stippling mandrel and tighten them securely with the Allen wrench that is included with the stippling mandrel. Best results are achieved using dull or used burs.

The clustered, four-bur pattern develops a realistic patina on denture resin. The stippler is comfortable to use, as the vibration transmitted to your hand is reduced due to the even number of burs.

Run the lathe at a slow speed and use a light to moderate pressure on the denture base resin to produce a stippled surface to provide a natural appearance.

The user should wear both breathing and eye protection when using. It is also recommended to be used in front of vacuum.

The result is an effect that very closely mimics the natural stippled surface of tissue. Shorten the carbide burs before mounting them in the Stippler, bend them slightly, and either dull the cutting flute or use well worn burs in this device. It is up to you as to your desired effect–the Stippler makes quick work of a tedious job!

Denture Stippling Mandrel

Denture Stippling Mandrel

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single bent #8 bur
Preat Denture Stippling Mandrel