Product Information

Sphero Flex Post System

Direct placement into root/tooth

Direct placement self-paralleling overdenture system with 2.5mm Ø sphere.
Included are one metal housing and two pink retention caps.

Tools needed:

  • Yellow or Blue Reamer
  • Cap insertion tool

Sphero Post Starter Kit

  • Two 6.50mm Sphero Post complete attachments
  • Two 7.50mm Sphero Post complete attachments
  • Two 9.00mm Sphero Post complete attachments
  • One Blue precision reamer
  • One Yellow precision reamer
  • One female cap insertion tool
Sphero Post
  • Ideal for replacing worn extracoronal attachments, such as the ERA or Ceka
  • Kit of 2 with all necessary components
  • 1.8mm diameter
  • For use with distal extension ring, and overdenture attachments
  • This does not come with cement or Sphero Micro Metal Housings

1.6mm Retention Caps:
Orange: For worn spheres, Elastic Retention
Light Green: For worn spheres, Rigid Retention

1.8mm Retention Caps:
Yellow: Soft, 1.00lbs Retention
Pink: Standard, 1.10lbs Retention
White: Strong, 2.20lbs Retention
Green: Soft, gummy for patient comfort
Black: Processing cap

2.5mm Retention Caps:
Yellow: Soft, 1.21lbs Retention
Pink: Standard, 1.65lbs Retention
White: Strong, 2.87lbs Retention
Green: Soft, gummy for patient comfort
Orange: For worn spheres, Elastic Retention
Light Green: for worn spheres, Rigid Retention
Black: Processing cap

1.8, 2.2, 2.5mm

The Sphero Reconstrution kit is designed to allow for a rebuilding of worn spheres in the mouth to restore long term retention and stability for the patient using concave Titanium spheres. Other uses for this kit include increasing the diameter of a small sphere in the mouth or retrofitting an O-Ring attachment to a ball attachment.

Concave Sphere Reconstruction Kit

There are 3 different kits:

2.5mm Ø
2.2mm Ø
1.8mm Ø

Concave Sphere Reconstruction Kit

Components in each kit:

  • 2 concave titanium spheres
  • 2 pink retention caps
  • 1 Sphere Holder (B) and Sphere Bearing (A)
  • 1 Strip Holder (C) and spatula (D)

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