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LOCATOR® F-Tx Fixed Attachment System

A New Way To Think About Fixed Full-Arch Restorations.

  • What if screws or cement were no longer needed to attach a fixed prosthesis to the abutments?
  • What if you could shorten and simplify the treatment appointment?
  • What if the patient’s esthetics and comfort were maximized?

These questions were at the foundation of the design and development of the unique and innovative LOCATOR® F-Tx™ Fixed Attachment System from Zest Dental Solutions. By leveraging our many years of expertise with the LOCATOR® Attachment Systems and our understanding of Full-arch solutions for edentulous patients, we strived to create a simpler, more efficient system for FIXED Full-arch implant restorations.

Fixed for the Patient. Easily Removed by the Clinician.

LOCATOR-F-Tx, dental implant abutment

Secure snap-fit design

This revolutionary, patent-pending retention system works similar to a ball and socket, allowing the Denture Attachment Housing to securely snap into place and then pivot to the desired position. Once in place, it’s fixed for the patient, and can easily be removed by the clinician at hygiene and maintenance visits.


Simplified angle correction and stress free passive fit

The LOCATOR® F-Tx Abutment features a unique, spherical coronal geometry which allows the Denture Attachment Housing to rotate in any direction and correct up to 40 degrees of convergence/divergence between two implants eliminating the need for angled abutments.

Chair side processing procedures at final prosthesis delivery ensures a stress free passive fit.


Revolutionary prosthesis removal system

Removing the LOCATOR® F-Tx Prosthesis is quick and easy by using simple hydraulic displacement to disengage the prosthesis from the LOCATOR® F-Tx Abutments.

  1. Prosthesis Boosters inserted under the prosthesis between the prosthesis and soft tissue.
  2. Prosthesis Booster filled with water, and hydraulic displacement applied.
  3. Prosthesis disengages from the LOCATOR® F-Tx Abutments.

Spherical abutment geometry

Unique, spherical coronal geometry allows the Denture Attachment Housing to correct up to 40 degrees of convergence/divergence between two implants and pivot in any direction to position the Housings into the ideal location for the prosthesis.

DuraTec™ Coating provides a hard, smooth and wear-resistant abutment exterior with an esthetically pleasing gingival tone.


Unique denture attachment housing

Denture Attachment Housing is threaded internally to accept a PEEK Retention Ball that snaps into the LOCATOR® F-Tx Abutment.

Features an anodized pink finish for improved esthetics.

Aggressive grooves and flats limit verticaland rotational movement.

Denture Attachment Housing is passively picked-up in the prosthesis via a chair side technique.


Novel retention balls

PEEK Retention Balls are available in low, medium and high retention levels based on the needs of the case.

A Processing Ball comes pre-inserted with the Denture Attachment Housing, and an additional Processing Ball is included, both are used for provisionalization and laboratory procedures.


All-in-one packaging

LOCATOR® F-Tx features all-in-one packaging that is sterile and includes everything you need. Abutment (with cap to deliver the abutment to the implant site), Denture Attachment Housing with pre-inserted Processing Ball, an extra Processing Ball, as well as one Blue (Low), Tan (Medium), and Green (High) Retention Ball.


These Preat parts are compatible with their F-Tx Attachment counterpoints. Feel free to contact us directly with any further questions. We’ll help you match them up.

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Technical Resources

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