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Mays Unilateral

Designed specifically for the unilateral distal extension. Does not require a lingual or palatal arm. Metal framework is not required; parallelism is not necessary, even on bilateral cases. Requires: 3mm tall, 2mm Ø

The Mays is a major technical advancement for extracoronal unilateral attachments. Designed specifically for the unilateral distal extension, the Mays is the first attachment with a lingual locking arm. It cannot be dislodged, and yet it is easily removed for patient hygiene.

Mays Unilateral Attachment

The Clinical History of hundreds of Mays partials reveal excellent health of the abutment periodontia, patient acceptance, and dentist approval. But what it doesn’t do is also impressive:

  • No palatal or lingual bar required
  • No springs or tension retainers to adjust and/or replace
  • No cast chromium framework required
  • No soldering. Male portion casts with crowns
  • No paralleling even on bilateral cases
  • Doesn’t require much space (will fit into less than 3mm vertically)
  • No special tooth preparation required

Please specify either LL/UR (lower left, upper right) or LR/UL (lower right, upper left) attachment.

Mays Unilateral Attachment

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