Product Information

The Preci Ball 22 is a resilient (full rotation) 2.25mm spherical stud attachment. It is a simple, effective systems, with many options to protect the abutments and retain both partials and overdentures. The spherical male attachment is available in a prefabricated orax alloy for soldering, a burnout plastic pattern for direct casting, and also a threaded male for direct casting or soldering. The female is available in a prefabricated alloy and a threaded female. There is also an optional threaded replaceable female.

The Preci Ball allows for an easy path of insertion and removal, adjustable female, and easy patient hygienic maintenance. All adjustments are made in the removable prosthesis. These features allow the dental professional to alter the attachment to fit the patient’s needs, not vice versa.

Preci Ball Attachment System

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