Product Information


Preat has assembled a unique offering of crown and bridge specialties to assist the dental professional. Many dental professionals already have accuracy in their casting. Preat offers systems to complement this and provide consistency.Precision attachments are utilized in bridgework for:

  • Non-parallel abutments.
  • Segmenting bridges.
  • Future conversion if abutments must be sacrificed.
  • Segmented bridges offer the advantage of only requiring sections of prepared abutments to be parallel, improved contours, thinner connectors for open embrasures, less thermal distortion from porcelain application, easier cementation, independent physiologic movement of segments, and conversion capability without losing the entire bridge.
  • Rod and tube type attachments, such as the Splintastik, are primarily designed for use with anterior abutments.
  • Dove-tail shaped attachments, such as the FR and BPD, are primarily designed for posterior usage.