Have a patient but no record to identify their current implant?

No problem! We’ve spent decades familiarizing ourselves with the many implant systems on the market and have become experts in identifying them.


We receive between 40 to 50 implant ID requests per day — let us figure out your case for you too!

Submit via the form below or the Preat App. You’ll have your answer in 24-48 hours (or within 60 minutes for expedited requests)1. We’ll identify the implant as well as suggest tools and products to help with your treatment plan – our technicians are implant wizards!

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Download and install our app, then submit a digital image of an X-ray. We’ll identify the implant and suggest tools and products you can order to help complete the job.

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Upload a digital image of the implant in question below, we’ll identify it and send you information, tools, and products to use with it.

1Expedited requests must be submitted by 4pm PST, Monday - Friday for a result within 60 minutes. Expedited requests received after that time will answered the following business day.

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