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Implantlink Temporary Implant Cement

  • The first temporary cement designed specifically for implant restorations.
  • Damage free removal of implant restorations
  • Thin (8 micron) film thickness for great fit
  • Dual cure for easy removal of excess cement
  • Extremely low film thickness, only 8 μm for maximum fit and accuracy
  • Light cure allows for easy to remove one piece excess cement to maintain peri-implant health
  • Strong enough to provided stability, but still allows the restoration to be easily removed without damage
  • Antibacterial, eugenol-free, odorless and tasteless
  • Compatible with all materials combinations (Zirconia, Noble Alloys, NP Alloys, Titanium, etc)
  • Temporary long-term luting of implant-worn provisional and
  • permanent restorations.
  • Luting of temporary restorations.
  • Implantlink is a new dual-cure temporary urethane cement that been designed specifically for today’s implant restorations.
  • Implantlink provides secure retention of temporary implant restorations while allowing easy removal of crowns and bridges without damage.
  • Implantlink can be light cured to expedite polymerization and allow quick, easy, one piece removal of excess cement for maximum peri-implant health.

Light Cure

Flexible processing times with the dual curing system allow for a controlled gel phase and easy removal of excess cement (large pieces, no crumbling!).

  • interlocking, masticatory-stable cement
  • stress-free cementing due to convenient working time (80 sec.)
  • significantly lower displacement resistance than conventional cements
  • residues may be easily removed (large pieces, no crumbling)
  • extremely low film thickness, only 8 μm for maximum fit and accuracy
  • ultimate marginal gap sealing through highly cross-linked, non-brittle polymer structure with no fillers
  • damage-free removal of the restoration
  • flexible processing times with the dual curing system that allow for a
  • controlled gel phase
  • compatible with all material combinations
  • color: natural opaque for screening metal abutments
    antibacterial, eugenol-free, odorless & tasteless

Damage-free removal

For control or other purposes restorations fixed with implantlink can be removed without damage using common standard aids (e.g. Crown Butler, Corona Flex). Excess of the fixing material (cement pieces) can be removed easily, quickly and free of residues.

The restoration can be re-inserted after cleaning and short disinfections.

Implantlink has just the right amount of adhesive force and compression strength to uniquely provide both prosthesis stability and damage free removal.

Extremely low film thickness (8 μm)

The very low displacement resistance helps to achieve a particularly low film thickness. This allows for reliable and precise positioning of the restoration. The film thickness is lower than the currently achievable precision of CAD/CAM techniques.

Secure adhesion, high compressive strength

The perfectly formulated adhesive properties lead to a masticatory stable adhesion, but still allow removal of the superstructure without damage. This facilitates repairs, shade matching, extraoral cleaning, the treatment of periimplantitis, and allows gingival forming techniques to be

Marginal gap sealing, gingival management

The high cross-link density of the cement prevents penetration of bacteria and swelling or detachment of the cement, which allows bacterial irritations and odor formation to be avoided, even over prolonged wearing times.

The adhesive connection and the marginal gap seal are preserved. The removal of restoration is a major advantage for gingiva and papilla formation in case of local infections or irritations.
Shelf life: 16 months.
Storage: Please avoid higher temperatures and extended direct exposure to the sun. A cool dry place is preferable. Refrigeration is desirable for longer shelf life but not necessary.

Implantlink Temporary Cement

Implantlink Temporary Cement

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Implantlink Tips (25-Pack)

Implantlink Tips (25-Pack)

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Implantlink a temporary cement for crown and bridge work