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Concave Sphere Reconstruction Kits

1.8, 2.2, 2.5mm

The Sphero Reconstrution kit is designed to allow for a rebuilding of worn spheres in the mouth to restore long term retention and stability for the patient using concave Titanium spheres. Other uses for this kit include increasing the diameter of a small sphere in the mouth or retrofitting an O-Ring attachment to a ball attachment.

Concave Sphere Reconstruction Kit

There are 3 different kits:

2.5mm Ø
2.2mm Ø
1.8mm Ø

Concave Sphere Reconstruction Kit

Components in each kit:

  • 2 concave titanium spheres
  • 2 pink retention caps
  • 1 Sphere Holder (B) and Sphere Bearing (A)
  • 1 Strip Holder (C) and spatula (D)
Sphero Reconstruction Kit 2.2mm

Sphero Reconstruction Kit 2.2mm

SKU: 0800144

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