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LODI NDI Implant System

Implants less than 3mm in diameter can be the best option in overdenture cases based on key criteria:

Does the patient have adequate bone for conventional implants?
Are there considerations for minimizing surgical invasiveness?
Are there patient financial considerations?

The LODI is designed to provide a specialty overdenture implant /attachment option where narrow ridges, minimized surgical invasiveness and financial considerations play a role in the implant choice and where a superior overdenture attachment can be utilized with no compromise.

LODI System
LODI System
  • 2.4 and 2.9mm diameter implants
  • 10, 12, and 14mm implant lengths
  • Removable/replaceable LOCATOR® Attachment: 2.5 and 4mm cuff heights
  • RBM textured implant surface
  • Restorative components included with each implant
  • Superior surgical placement instrumentation
LODI System
LODI System


3mm difference in height!
Less discomfort to patient when not wearing denture
O-Ball true one-piece can wear throughout time and then what?
Must vary placement protocol due to one size fits all design vs. ability to select different cuff heights

No more compromise

Key weaknesses of true one-piece O-Ball SDIs which can compromise patient care and satisfaction, future referrals and positive word of mouth:

Limitation in ability for draw with divergent implants
Wear of o-rings and the high chairside maintenance requirement.
Potential devastating issue of attachment (ball) wear on an integrated implant.

LODI System

All-Inclusive Packaging. Each Implant Includes:

LODI System

LODI 2.4mm Diameter Implants with 2.5mm cuff

LODI 2.4mm Diameter Implants with 4.0mm cuff

LODI 2.9mm Diameter Implants with 2.5mm cuff

LODI 2.9mm Diameter Implants with 4.0mm cuff

LODI 3.4mm Diameter Implants with 2.5mm cuff

LODI 3.4mm Diameter Implants with 4.0mm cuff

LODI Overdenture Implant Attachments