Product Information

Extracoronal precision attachments for removable partial dentures are recommended when:

  • Less tooth reduction is required. Retaining abutments are small to avoid over–contoured intracoronal attachment abutments and/or pulpal exposure.
  • Extracoronal precision attachment are traditionally easier to insert and remove. These are used for patients with limited manual dexterity, or the prosthesis has a difficult path of insertion and removal.
  • The patient does not always wear the removable prosthesis. Intracoronal females in retaining abutments will collect food and present problems when the patient attempts to seat the intracoronal retained prosthesis.

Extracoronal Precision attachments are normally resilient to allow free movement of the prosthesis to distribute potentially destructive forces or loads away from the abutments to supportive bone and tissue. Three distinctive movements are defined in function: (1) Hinge, (2) Vertical, and (3) rotational.

The fewer abutments remaining, and the weaker the abutments are, the greater the need for resiliency or free movement to direct the forces away from the abutments to the supportive bone and tissue via the base of the prosthesis.

Sagix Attachment