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Clix Ball Implant Abutment

The All A-Round Ball that really Clicks!

All previous balls–on overdentures for roots and implants, on crowns for removable partial dentures, and on top of bars for implant or root supported bridges–engaged the height of contour of the sphere to provide retention. This small area, or band of retention, may lead to early attachment wear and possibly frequent adjustment or replacement of the female unit.

The Clix design allows the female to engage all around the ball for an increased area of retention. Besides far greater retention than other spherical systems, the Clix offers the patient security of an audible click.

Clix Ball Implant Abutment
Clix Ball Attachment
Clix Ball Attachment

Less wear. Less servicing. Less replacement of worn females.

When servicing is required, three retentions of females are available, along with the option of replacing the threaded sphere.

Another unique feature of the Clix System is the availability of a female paralleling mandrel. If the attachments are not parallel, the correction may be made by paralleling the female without sacrificing any retention or stability.

Extracoronal Clix Ball Attachment
Extracoronal Clix Ball Attachment

Non-parallel females have a difficult path of insertion and removal, leading to increased wear on the attachment. The non-parallel females do not allow the prosthesis to rotate.

Parallel females have an easy path of insertion and removal, decreasing wear on the attachment. This also allows the prosthesis to freely rotate.30º is about the maximum divergence where the Clix females can still engage the undercut of the sphere.

The basic premise of this attachment is to allow the user flexibility. The user can make an overdenture stud, overdenture bar, and 30, 45, or 60 degree (assures the best tooth and tissue alignment while reducing forces, assuring good hygienic access, and allowing maximum space for the removable partial denture) extracoronal partial denture from the same simple kit.

The Clix Attachment System has 3 retention levels for the female, just like the Hader Clips.
Note the sectional cuts in the females, which allow for the female to flex over the height of contour and engage the undercuts of the sphere.

White (Reduced) = 1.7lbs retention
Yellow (Standard) = 2.5 lbs retention
Red (Increased) = 3.3 lbs retention

Clix Ball Abutments

The Clix system gives you options

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