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Internal Hex Tube and Screw

The internal Hex Tube and Screw is used for vertical screw retention of crowns and bridges, dentist-only removable fixed prosthesis, implant suprastructures, fixed complete (hybrid) dentures, and telescopic prostheses.

Internal Hex Tube and Screw System

Easy to use. Prethreaded tubes for casting, soldering, or bonding to cast primary units.

Versatile. Multiple sizes of 1.20mm and 1.40mm diameter. Short and long available in each diameter. Same Hex used for
Pin Screw and Tube and Screw systems.

Accurate. End cutting bur provides for accurate sizing and finishing of cast collar.

Internal Hex Tube and Screw System2

Tube & Screw

The hex screw is a high fusing precious alloy. It can be shortened as needed, as long as the hex profile is maintained. The countersunk collar is a non-oxidizing, high fusing precious alloy. The conical hex screw perfectly fits the countersunk collar, efficiently distributing forces and creating a hygienic seal on the occlusal surface.

The sleeve is also a high fusing precious alloy, and the fixation screw holds the sleeve in place during casting, reducing the risk of molten alloy flowing into it.

Always use the largest and longest screw for the space available. The bonding technique for the tube is the most accurate method of incorporation.

Internal Hex Tube and Screw System
Internal Hex Tube and Screw System

Complete Tube and Screw Attachment

Includes Tube, countersunk Collar, Fixation screw, and final Hex screw.

Four different options:

  • 1.2mm Short
  • 1.2mm Long
  • 1.4mm Short
  • 1.4mm Long
Internal Hex Tube and Screw System

Fixation Screw

Thread the fixation screw into the tube prior to investing and casting to protect the threads from the inflow of alloy. Remove the screw after devesting. Available in both 1.2mm and 1.4mm sizes.

The fixation screw can be destroyed at temperatures above 1400 °C and by excessive overheating of the casting alloy.

Internal Hex Tube and Screw System

Countersunk Collar

For casting on in the secondary part with precious or semi-precious alloy. Non-oxidizing, copper-free precious alloy. Casting-on recommended. Can also be laser-welded or soldered.

Internal Hex Tube and Screw System

Hex Screw

For fixing primary and secondary parts in the mouth. Screw can only be reduced by a maximum of 1mm on the occlusal.

Internal Hex Tube and Screw System

Tube & Screw Thread Cutter (tap)

If the screw channel is tight or has bubbles, use the proper size end thread cutter to calibrate, or refine, the screw rest. Use with the socket key.

Internal Hex Tube and Screw System

Tube & Screw Hex driver

Used to thread in the original screw and complete any necessary adjustments.

Internal Hex Tube and Screw System

Tube & Screw Socket Key

Used to hold the thread cutter during adjustments to the tube’s threads.

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