Perma Block Avoid the Undercut When Taking Impressions - Tech Talks By Preat

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Perma Block Kit: Perma Block - Chairside Blockout Material

Save a failing restoration with help from Perma Block. The case Chris talks about in this video features a patient with full upper and lower dentures. The upper and lower dentures violated the vertical dimensions arrest. Part of the reason why the prosthesis needed replacement was because the patient was a chronic grinder. The patient wasn't able to get all new bars on the upper and lower replacement due to financial restraints. A salvage was performed by making a new denture on the existing bar. The solution was picking up the prosthetics chairside is the block out. In our example today you will see there is a ton of space between the bottom of the bar and the gingiva. This kind of situation is important to block out. The reason being is one of the worst situations we find our customers in is when the prosthesis gets locked in place, meaning what was once removable is now fixed and not removable. Often times the only way to remove a prosthesis in a situation like this is to destroy it by grinding it out to separate from the bar. The solution around the potential hazard of having a fixed prosthesis when one is not desired is to use a Preat solution called Perma Block. This is a cellulose-based material, doesn't wash away with water or saliva, adheres to tooth structure and alloys. Perma Block is delivered via syringe. The overall focus of Perma Block is to eliminate the locking in of the prosthesis during chairside pickup.

The process summarized: - Undercuts blocked out - Hader Clips were used - Green processings spacers were placed - Alignment metal housings were placed over the green processing spacers after they were cut down to height and seated on the bar - Housings were prepped - Denture base was prepped - Lingual access / escaped vents prepared - Housings picked up in self-curing acrylic

The outcome: - More retention available using red for increased retention - This is a new case where a new denture was fabricated - Exisitng bar was shortened - Distal implant was put to rest