Perma Block - Chairside Blockout Material  


  • Block out undercuts associated with large gingival embrasures, implant bars, precision attachments or fixed partial denture pontics during impression taking procedures
  • Kit includes (4) syringes with 1.2mL each and (20) application tips
  • Adheres to metal and teeth
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  • Quantity: 1

  • Heavy body prevents displacement during intraoral pick-up of attachments with autopolymerizing resins. May be used for Laboratory duplication, but not indicated for Laboratory / Indirect Processing of Acrylic.
  • Cellulose-based block-out material specifically for attachment and implant procedures
  • Mold, shape, and contour with wet instrument, cotton swab, or a wet finger in a rubber glove
  • NOTE TO PERMA BLOCK USERS: This product is likely to be thicker than one might assume. In order to express this product from the syringe, an ample amount of pressure will be necessary. This product is moldable and does not set up.