Locators®: Each Model Defined - Tech Talks By Preat

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There is some confusion in being about understanding the differences for each of the LOCATOR® products. Some are two of the Locators® are removable and one is fixed. Chris helps shed some clarity around the LOCATOR® product family - Legacy, R-Tx and F-Tx.

Intended for tissue-supported prosthesis, as well as abutment supported. Nylon insert stays in intimate contact with the abutment and the housing pivots up to 40°. Works with implants, natural teeth, bars and abutments.

This is the second generation LOCATOR®. Is 1/10th MM wider and taller. Also has a new coating and pivots up to 60°. If the Patient has limited dexterity, this is a great choice for ease of insertion and removal, because it self-aligns better.

LOCATOR F-Tx: FIXED - "Fixed Treatment Option"
Designed to be non-removable / screw-retained. Intended for full-arch, minimum of four implants. This product does not pivot like the other two Locators®. Self-aligned before the prosthesis is engaged. Not intended for a bilateral or bridge.