Product Information

Multi Unit Abutment

Multi-Unit Components and Abutments

Preat Multi-Unit components are compatible with the following Multi-Unit abutments: 3i Low Profile, Biohorizons Multi-Unit, Keystone® Multi-Unit (new version), Blue Sky Bio Multi-Unit, Glidewell Inclusive/Hahn, Ace, Straumann® SRA (4.6mm Only), Hiossen® Multi-Unit, and Nobel Biocare® Biocare


Multi-Unit Ti Base

Multi-Unit Digital Analog

Multi-Unit Verification Cylinder

LOCATOR® Abutment

Multi-Unit Abutment Analog

Multi-Unit Open/Closed Tray Impression Coping

Multi-Unit Temporary Healing Cap

Multi-Unit Verification Cylinder

Multi-Unit Titanium Implant Screw


Multi-Unit Titanium Implant Screw

Dynamic Multi-Unit Implant Screw

Multi-Unit Guide Pin

Multi-Unit Abutment Lab Scan Body

Multi-Unit Driver / Latch-Type Connection

Multi-Unit Gold/Plastic Coping

Multi-Unit Gold Bar Coping

Multi-Unit Abutment Plastic Coping