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Our Technical Team and Customer Service Representatives are the best in the industry. Don’t just take our word for it! Here are just some of the testimonials we have recently captured from new and existing customers. Read why first time customers become our partners for life!

Testimonials on our Technical Team and Customer Service Representatives

Implant Identification

Dr. John W. Ihnen, DMDAspen Dental - Lexington, KY

For years Ruben at PREAT has been my go to source and guy for anything implant related.  All of my 12 offices utilize them because of Ruben's timeliness and expertise.  Even if they cannot properly answer the question they point me in the right direction.  PREAT is such a critical and essential piece to our growth within the implant field.  A HUGE thank you to Ruben and PREAT Corporation!

Superior Customer Service & Technical Support

Alejandro MorillaManager of Removable Dentures - Milident East Coast Canada - Montreal, Canada

Amazing customer service!!!! Pleasure to make business with them.

Daniel Avery, CDTBy Design Dental Studio - Atlanta, GA

I have seen human characteristics seemingly quick to point out the mistakes others make, rather than giving much more praise that someone deserves. Your employees who answer the phones for PREAT are performing an outstanding job. Thank you for your pleasant customer service and input. It does not go unnoticed nor unappreciated.

Jessica GoodermoteLab Tech/LDA - Dental Implant & Reconstructive Center - Duluth, MN

I had been dealing with technical support for some equipment in our lab and was very frustrated with the lack of support.  All I could think of was how every company should learn how to treat customers like PREAT Corp.  The culture there has always been wonderful. Even as they have grown and added new employees, the standard has stayed the same.  Also, as we have been working with Ruben and Jeff in the PRISM Design Center on our hybrid bars, it’s a partnership.  We can work together and that is a huge deal, especially when our cases are complicated and we have to find ways to fabricate the bar to fit the patient.  Not make the patient fit the bar.  Thank you PREAT!!!!!!

W. Paul Melott, CDT, BACeramist, Removable Technician - Melott Dental Arts, Beaverton, Oregon

Every Lab Day I attended I would search out Tom Bormes, and in later years Chris Bormes, to find out what was happening on the cutting edge with dental Attachments and Implants. When I was prosthetic head of Implantech in Palm Desert, Ca. I was on the phone with Chris or Heidi solving some complex problems...what a resource! As I find my new adventure in Oregon I will hold close the Bormes PREAT Family!

Bart Hyde, CDT, DTGHyde Dental Prosthetics - Fallon, NV

PREAT has become a staple company for my laboratory. The service is by far the best in the business. It's a family run company and they have an old fashion family way of treating customers, which is obsolete anymore. They have a broad range of solutions and have the knowledge to help solve problems for those tough circumstances that we often see in the laboratory.

Dave Prestipino, CDTNatural Art Prosthetics - Star Tannery, VA

I first used PREAT for a difficult titanium hybrid case I was doing. I worked with Jeff who blew me away with his thorough knowledge of both the biomechanics and the aesthetic nature of the case. Since then I have worked with Jeff on many unique cases and I have never been disappointed. The communication is so complete that you know exactly what to expect. Do yourself a favor and give yourself access to all the nuances of superb design, many of which you may not know are possible!

Denise Burris, CDTBy Design Dental Studio - Atlanta Georgia

I'm so impressed with the customer service from Preat. Y'all need to really pat one another in the back. It's refreshing to work with such great people.

Joseph C. Vize, LDFirst Choice Denture Service, Inc. - Pasco, Washington

Well now, I can finally put a face to the name. Heidi- you have been instrumental in my success restoring patients that have been *LITERALLY* given up on. It’s thanks to you, Ruben, Chris, and the PREAT team that allow me to frequently do what most others have said was “impossible”. Thank you for what you do. The PREAT team helps me succeed where others failed or feared not tread. You are GREAT!

Dr. Aparna Subramanian, DDSDoctor of Dental Surgery - San Francisco, California

How do you know so much about all these products? You know as much as a lab tech. Was pretty amazed with your in depth knowledge.

Dr. Richard M. Cohrs, DDSDoctor of Dental Surgery - Covina, CA

I am working on creating an implant supported partial denture with locator abutments.  The implant angles are extreme, requiring parts with which I am not familiar.  I was very pleased to get the technical help I needed from Heidi.  Heidi spent quite a bit of time with me researching what I needed and helping me understand the procedure, complete with visual aids online after she caught on that I am a visual learner.  She is very personable, very knowledgeable, and willing to do whatever is necessary to be helpful and get the job done, and all with a pleasant, unrushed attitude. I have not dealt with PREAT before, and found everyone there to be similarly pleasant.

Chris Norris, CDTRemovables Technical Manager - Image Dental Arts - Asheville, North Carolina

It is difficult to convey in a few words what PREAT Corporation does for our company. From the technical support on attachments, implants and specialty items as well as supplying us with parts and pieces needed from that support they are our one stop, one phone call solution for our complex cases. The Prism Design team has put us on the map as far as the hybrid printed titanium substructures. Their designs and workmanship is the best I’ve seen in my 36 years of dentistry. Your team is great and that is why I have worked with PREAT for about 30 years give or take in some form or the other.

Dr. William E. Clark, DDSDoctor of Dental Surgery - Fresno, California

I had an 86 year old patient who had healthy Straumann ball abutments under an old mandibular denture and I needed components for a new denture. Straumann does not make the component any more as I found out from my local Straumann Rep and Straumann Corporate. I then went to Titan Implants, Implant Direct, Attachments International, and Zest Dental Solutions. Out of everyone I talked to from almost 6 different companies, Heidi at PREAT Corporation was the best. She truly took the time to walk me through all the compatible components, sent me emails with pictures of the products and links with instructions, and didn’t just pass me off. You also were the only company who had what I needed! I will definitely call PREAT the first time next time.

Convenience of Live Chat

Dr. Richard B. Sanchez, DDSDuncanville Dental Care - Duncanville, TX

PREAT provides an amazing online experience. They are always ready to help you.

Dr. Siona Motufau Jr., DDS, DICOI, FAAIPDoctor of Dental Surgery - Grand Valley Denture and Implant Center - Montrose, Colorado

"Awesome. This chat tool is awesome. You're awesome. Thanks for everything!"

Elvis Dahl, CDTDirector of Operations - Somer Dental Laboratories - Zionsville, Indiana

Victoria: Perfect. Will do. I will ensure you receive the shipping updates as you normally do with Online Orders.

Victoria: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

Elvis Dahl: I am good. Thank you so much for all your help!

Elvis Dahl: Preat is THE BEST!

Dr. Jonathan Judd, DDSDoctor of Dental Surgery - Denny Murphy Medical Clinic - Seattle, Washington

Thank you so much and thank you for making it so easy!

Dr. John B. Oettinger, DMD, PCDoctor of Dental Medicine - Southern Pines, North Carolina

Britney: Thank you, Dr. Oettinger. We will ship it today!

Dr. Oettinger: Can you ship 3 day instead. She is scheduled on 11/15.

Britney: Absolutely. I’ve made the change for you!

Dr. Oettinger: Great thanks. You’re the bomb. Have a great night.

The Cuff Height & Angulation Tool Set

Elizabeth Curran, CDT, RDTArizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health - Mesa , AZ

It is newer and better than the angulation ruler I have been using.

Joshua Polansky, MDCNiche Dental Studio - Cherry Hill, New Jersey

This tool really saves me time and confusion on large implant cases. It takes away all the guesswork and permits me to plant these cases accurately from the laboratory, allowing for the proper ordering of necessary components

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