Sagix: Partial Denture Attachment Overview - Tech Talks By Preat

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A new and improved partial denture attachment Increase vertical space while increasing functionality by way of hinging and rotational movement with our new Sagix housing design.

The new Sagix partial denture attachment system is ideal for a partial K9 to Bicuspid or Lateral to Bicuspid partial prosthesis. The attachment gives you full function in minimal available space, only requiring 3.1mm of vertical space. Our previous Sagix housing was too big. Our new design is reduced in size and increased in rotation and even has an audible click for assured seating. The patented Sagix snap mechanism provides patients with secure prosthesis retention.

Sagital ball attachment with segmented female for partial dentures and implant bar applications. The replaceable plastic female in three retention levels is incorporated directly into the framework. The male is available in plastic and cast in a hard alloy, in pre-fabricated metal and cast-to with any alloy, or also as a threaded male with a special cast-on base ring.

Preat recommends the cast-to pre-machined metal male. This prefabricated male assures a smooth, consistently sized sphere for maximum accuracy and precision on every case. Consistent, accurate, and reliable.

The “clipsing”, or flexing of the rigid female around the height of countour of the sphere allows the female 35% more retention area contact than previous designs of a sagital spherical attachment. Many users who switch out older VKS-style attachments find that the least retentive Sagix female, the white, provides excellent retention, due to the increased surface area of contact between the female and the male attachments.

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