Implant Identification App - Be an Implant Wizard! - Tech Talks By Preat

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Get your next case implant identified: Implant Identification Access and download the Preat Choice Digital Library: Preat Digital Choice Library

Ruben "Implant Wizard" Arebalo from Preat explains the process you can use to help get your next implant case identified with the Preat Implant ID App.

With the vast number of dental implant types, as well as cases that can date back many years and possibly could have been placed by a different practitioner, implant identification has historically been a huge challenge; that is until now. The Preat Implant Identification tool is available to dental practitioners and technicians for fast, accurate and free identification of dental implants.

Key features of the Implant Identification tool:

• Submit your case x-ray image(s) from the bench or chairside intraoral scan

• Identification of dental implant brand and type will be provided via email or phone

• Shop with confidence directly through the app or website once your implant has been identified by our expert Technicians

• Depending on the number of identifications in process, response time can be as quick as 5 minutes up to 30 minutes

• Download the App for iPhone or the Google Play store or visit our website directly from your computer

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