Case Planning An Existing Overdenture Bar Part 1 - Tech Talks By Preat

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Join Chris Bormes, President of PREAT, in this unique Tech Talks by PREAT. In this episode we discuss just one of the many calls we receive each day regarding treatment planning. What would you do? A 90 year old patient comes into your office with an existing bar that is clearly worn. Given the following parameters, what would you do?

• The patient had a full denture but lost it.

• Retention was not sufficient when they did have the denture.

• The patient has limited finances so no additional implants can be placed nor a new bar fabricated.

• Opposing the bar is a natural dentition.

• The posterior ridge is atrophied and flat.

• There is adequate interocclusal space with 12-14mm

Can you salvage the existing bar or should you convert the case to a stud attachment?


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