Astra®-compatible Lilac 4.5/5.0mm Engaging Verification Cylinder

Astra®-compatible Lilac 4.5/5.0mm Engaging Verification Cylinder

  • Includes a prosthetic screw and guide pin
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  • Quantity: 1

Engaging Verification Cylinder, made of titanium alloy, for the fabrication of single-unit, temporary screw-retained restorations. The engaging feature is designed to prevent rotation of the provisional crown. Provisional restorations can be made chairside using any standard fabrication technique.

This product is not intended for applications exceeding 180 days during endosseous and gingival healing. The following conditions would contraindicate use:

Less than 4.0 mm abutment height

Use on implants placed in any orientation other than vertical. No post angle correction is allowed


  • Guide Pin for use throughout the fabrication process
  • Titanium Screw to retain the finished provisional

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