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Preat Prosthetic Component Mating Feature Gap Testing

Third-Party Independent Test Results: Exceptional Preat Quality Achieved

Through reliability calculation and statistical confidence analysis, there is no significant statistical difference in the corresponding mating feature gaps of the Preat and OEM groups. There is less variance in the mating feature gaps of the Preat groups as compared to the OEM groups. The Preat abutments will meet and/or exceed fit and function to the OEM abutments.

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Implant Mating Feature Test Results

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Mating Feature

Screw head clearance to the abutment.

See Graphs

Mating Feature

Screw shaft clearance to the abutment.

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Mating Feature

Hexagonal connection clearance.

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Mating Feature

Abutment tapered seat.

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Mating Feature

Abutment hexagonal clearance to the Implant.

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The test results above were provided by independent third-party testing.

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