Elvis Dahl

Elvis Dahl discovered a passion for helping patients the first day he started at Somer Dental laboratories in Zionsville, IN, as a part-time shipping clerk in 2008. After 13 years running a full-service lab, Elvis has taken on the role of a District Sales Manager for the Midwest for the Preat Corporation.

With his love to help the industry succeed and a passion for restoring implant cases, it was the perfect team for him to join. With an eye towards success, Elvis’ greatest satisfaction comes from growing the business with unique marketing and learning from his clients. He loves meeting new clients to learn about doctors’ needs and educate them about the new and exciting ways a dental laboratory can help their practice. 

Elvis is also known for being the creator and co-host of Voices From the Bench, the only weekly podcast dedicated to the dental laboratory industry. Over the years, he had grown the podcast to reach a global audience by creating engaging marketing through social media. Covering various topics related to everything around dental labs, Voices from the Bench is going on its fourth year with over 200 episodes. 

Elvis Dahl

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