Welcome to the Preat Electronic Instructions for Use Download Center

Our eIFU represents our commitment to environmental sustainability while offering you access to product instructions. You can effortlessly obtain the most up-to-date instructions through our Download Center by directly downloading them to your electronic device. This convenient access ensures you have the latest instructions at your fingertips whenever you require them from our online repository. 

Please note if the legal manufacturer is not Preat, you can inquire about the IFU with the legal manufacturer directly.

Downloads and instructions

Find downloads and instructions for accessing our eIFUs and Preat Abutments MR Patient Safety Card. Click on the appropriate link below to download and use right away. 

You can easily print the patient card in office using 2" x 3.5" business card printer paper (such as Avery® 28878). This PDF is set up to allow you to print a sheet of 10 cards at once.