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PREAT Corporation remains the only multi-generation family owned Precision Attachment Company. PREAT has no affiliation with any implant company.  We maintain a large well trained technical and customer service staff, including two ICOI Masters.  Your phone call will be answered promptly by a courteous and knowledgeable team member who will be able to assist you–or promptly find the appropriate person who can.  We uniquely have the ability to provide both product and technical support for 35 year old attachment cases as well as answer new treatment planning questions.

We are your one single source for Implant Components, Locator Attachments, Hader Bars, six sizes of O-rings, five sizes of Ball attachments, Magnets, Dolder Bars, Preci-Clix attachments, Preci-Sagix, eFiber and much much more!

PREAT Corporation is committed to providing the latest technologies and products along with accurate, reliable and timely customer and technical service.

PREAT maintains constant ongoing product and technique development.

We are the first and only American company to utilize Additive Metal Technology for Implant Suprastructures and Printed Co/Cr Partial Denture Frameworks.

PREAT Corporation quality control systems are ISO EN 13485:2012, CE, and Health Canada certified.

We support National and Regional Dental Laboratory, Denturist, and Dentist meetings by providing upwards of 100 hours of free CE credits each year.

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Organizational Team

Chris Bormes

President & Senior Technician

Ruben Arebalo

General Manager & Senior Technician

Lauren Combs

Quality Manager

Nicky Sancho

Inventory Manager

Harriet Green

Customer Relations

Madelyn Stringham


Jeff Lopez

PRISM Design Lead

Jay Daniel


Tom Bormes


Heidi Kuczmierczyk

Customer & Technical Service

Brent Smith

Customer & Technical Service

Britney Tapp

Customer & Technical Service

Victoria Hopkins

Customer Service

Andrea Noriega

Customer Service

Cody Strouse

Customer Service

Jesse Santos

Customer Service

Kindra Gomez

Customer Service

Justin Vert

Customer Service

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