eFiber Starter Kit w 224 Preat Blue & Sticker

eFiber and Perma Mesh Starter Kit


The eFiber and Perma Mesh Starter Kit contains: 10cm stick of eFiber 1.2mm, 10cm stick of eFiber 1.6mm, 45cm of Perma Mesh, Wetting Agent, Adhesive, Flowable composite with extra tips, Goats hair polisher, and 244 Blue Polish. Also includes technical DVDs as well as promotional DVD and custom flyers. The ideal tool kit for every practice and Laboratory!


Benefits of eFiber Technology:

  • Translucent for maximum aesthetics and optimal positioning
  • Easy to adjust, grind, and polish
  • BisGMA and PMMA impregnated e-glass fibers
  • Use with all composite and acrylic resins
  • Easy to handle and no special tools are needed
SKU: 7009050

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