Technical instructions for Precision Attachments-


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Implant Attachments

including overdenture bar attachments

Overdenture Stud Attachments

Extracoronal Attachments

Crown and Bridge

including intracoronal attachments

Fiber Technology Removable and Clinical Specialties

Ceka Attachments: servicing, repairs, and relines

M2 and M3 sizes

Ceka Extracoronal: Green "bonding" System

M3: OL 285TI, OL 261TI, OL 275TI

M2: RE 185TI, RE 161TI, RE 175TI

Ceka Extracoronal: Red & Blue "cast to" Systems

RED M3 & M2: The "IR" series 

BLUE M3 & M2: The "NP" series

Ceka Spacer (bonding) Retention Technique

694 AR and RE 0085 retention parts

wpeB5.jpg (12698 bytes)

Ceka Solder Retention Technique

694 AS and RE 0061 retention parts

Ceka Acrylic Retention Technique

694 AKS, 694 AKS2, RE 0075, & RE 0095 retention parts

wpeBD.jpg (26275 bytes)

Preci Clix: 1271 instructions

Preci Clix: 1281 instructions


Preci Sagix Instructions



Preci Vertix Instructions

Preci Vertix Metal Hood Instructions

Preci Vertix AT PDF File


American Mini Attachment

comparable to Mini-Dalbo and Swiss Mini

american mini

Preci 52

CSA Instructions

Universal IC Attachment


ic attachment hannes anchor

Mays Unilateral Attachment



Mays Unilateral Attachment


DSE Hinges

dse hinges

ZAAG mini Retrofit Kit
ZAAG Retrofit Kit

Sphero RetroFit Kit Instructions


Implant Attachments

Locator Implant Attachment


Clix Ball Implant Attachment

Clix Abutment

Preci Clix: Chairside pick-up of female

Used for all 2.25mm spheres, including PREAT, Astra, Nobel Biocare, Strauman, 3I, etc


ORing Implant Attachment

oring implant abutments preat

Sphero Flex Attachment

Shiner SR Magnet Instructions

SMART Magnet Instructions (not available)

Pin Screw Instructions

Pin Screw / Lingual Set Screw Preat

Tube & Screw Instructions


Horizontal Screw Tube and Screw PREAT

eFiber Single Tooth Provisional

 Watch the Video:  eFiber Single Tooth Provisional

eFiber single tooth replacement

Case Report: Custom abutments using Locator Attachments to correct extreme implant angulation

Custom Locator ACP Navy

Custom Locator Abutments

Mini-Implant Reconstruction Case

implant reconstruction

Overdenture Bar Attachments


Hader Bar Instructions

Hader Bar Reline Instructions

Hader Bar New Prosthesis Instructions

Hader Chairside Instructions


Hader Bars

Hader 4 options

Ackermann Clip Technique

ackermann clips ackermann clips ss

Preci (Dolder) Bar Instructions

Plastic-Wax Dolder Bar Instructions

Dolder Bar

Locator Implant Bar Instructions

Cast-to, Laser Weld, and Threaded females


Universal Plunger Loc Attachment

Swiss Loc Universal Plunger Loc Lew Passive Attachment

Case Study: Revax Hybrid Implant Bar

Prosthetic Concept of Resilient Hybrid Bar Construction

Prosthetic Concept of Rigid Hybrid Bar Construction

For placing attachments on the sides of bar constructions, please view the Sagix, CSA, and Vertix extracoronal instructions.

Overdenture Stud Attachments


Locator Root Direct Placement 


Locator Root Cast Coping 


locator root


Preci Clix: 1291 Direct Placement

wpe138.jpg (5890 bytes)

Preci Clix 1293 Direct Placement



Preci Clix 1261 threaded base cast coping

clix cast to

Preci Clix 1251 castable male cast coping

cast coping plstic ball clix

Preci Clix: Chairside pick-up of female


Ceka Overdenture: Female Bonding Technique

OL 895TI, OL 885TI, RE 795TI, RE 785TI

ceka overdenture

Ceka Overdenture: Male retained in the prosthesis

OL 895TI, OL 885TI, RE 795TI, RE 785TI

inverted axial ceka

Ceka Overdenture: Male Base Ring Solder Technique

691 TI and RA 61 TI

ceka axial

Ceka Overdenture: Male Base Ring Cast To Technique

693 TI and RA 63 TI

Ceka Overdenture: Female retained in the prosthesis

693 TI,  RA 63 TI,  691 TI and RA 61 TI

Sphero Post Instructions

Sphero Post Cast Coping Instructions

Preci Ball Castable Male Instructions

preci ball

O-Ring cast coping

ORing attachments

ZAAG Direct Placement

ZAAG Cast-to Female/ Cast Coping Instructions

wpeF.jpg (4357 bytes)

Zest Anchor Direct Placement

old zest anchor attachment

Shiner Magnet Direct Placement

Shiner Magnet cast coping

Rothermann Attachment Cast Coping

Rothermann Attachment Preat

Locator Retrofit for worn ERA

Concave Sphere Reconstruction Kit


hollow sphere reconstruction


Crown & Bridge Specialties


FR RPD Instructions


FR Bridgework Instructions

C1-2.jpg (5971 bytes)


preci profile

BPD Plastic Dovetail Instructions

UNOR adjustable Intracoronal instructions

UNOR service/reline

B2.jpg (13941 bytes)

Preci Roto Instructions

J2-4.jpg (3318 bytes)

Preci Post Instructions



Dupla Two-In-One Instructions



Splintastik Instructions



Fiberglass Pencil

Brass Pencil

brass pencil

fiberglass pencil

Liquid Colloidal Graphite

graphite pic



Fiber Technology


Fiber Occlusal Splinting

Fiber Direct Surface Retained Bridge

Fiber Inlay Bridge

Fiber Direct Provisional Bridge

Fiber Laboratory Crown and Bridge


Fiber Lingual Splinting

Fiber lingual splinting

Case: Fiber maxillary and mandibular lingual splinting

efiber lingual splinting

Fiber Case Study: Direct Bridge

Fiber Case Study: Hybrid Bridge





Fiber anchorage for brackets, hooks, or tubes

Fiber anchorage for orthodontic molar uprighting


ortho efiber

Fiber Denture Repair

VIDEO: Fiber Denture Repair


fiber reinforced denture

Mesh Denture Repair

VIDEO: Mesh Denture Repair

mesh reinforced denture

Perma Mesh Hoods over attachments

Perma Mesh hoods

Fiber new Prosthesis Super Denture

Article: Super Dentures using eFiber

Article: eFiber and Mesh reinforced Overdenture

eFiber Super Denture The Best Way to reinforce implant overdentures

Perma Fiber Denture repair instructions

Denture Repair Instructions

Perma Fiber New Denture instructions

 efiber is recommended for new cases

wpe13D.jpg (3721 bytes)


Mesh Laboratory Crown and Bridge

mesh cb

Perma Fiber/Mesh Provisional instructions

Perma Fiber/Mesh Crown & Bridge instructions


Case Studies--Laboratory

Full coverage crown & bridge case

Surface Retained Bridge

Surface Retained Bridge in Molar Region

Fiber Hybrid Bridge

Full coverage crown in Molar region


Case Studies--Chairside

Labial Splinting

Occlusal Splinting

Direct Method: 3 Unit Bridge

Orthodontic Splinting


Removable and Clinical Specialties


Gingivamoll Instructions



Perma Ret retention system for denture teeth



Implantlink Temporary Implant Cement


Perma Block

Perma Block

High Volume Evacuation Systems

Solnit Quiet HVE Grab Free system

Preat Denture Stippling Mandrel

Stippling Mandrel

Chairside Adjustment Kit

chairside adjustment kit