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5 Improvements to LOCATOR R-Tx Attachment System

2016 Restorative Prosthetic Book

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eFiber and Perma Mesh

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Preci Clix

Preci Sagix (shown)

Ceka and Ceka Revax

Preci Vertix and Preci Vertix “P”

Preci Vertix AT

Preci 52 (ASC 52)

American Mini (Mini-Dalbo / Swiss-Mini)

OSO Distal Extension

IC Attachment

DSE Hinges

Mays Unilateral

CSA (Castable Spherical Attachment)

Sphero Retrofit Kit

ZAAG mini retrofit Kit

Digital Co/Cr printed Frameworks


Preci Sagix:

Consistent.  Accurate.  Reliable.


LOCATOR Self-Aligning (shown)

LOCATOR R-Tx (new!)

LODI NDI Implant System

Clix Ball Implant Abutment

O-Ring Implant Abutment

Precision Implant Design and Manufacturing Center

Implant Prosthetics

Multi-Unit abutments and components

Restorative Implant Tools

Sphero Flex Self-Paralleling

Ceka Revax Hybrid Bar

Shiner & Smart Magnet Systems

Internal Hex Pin Screw

Internal Hex Tube and Screw

Ceka Bond

eFiber single tooth provisional

Custom Locator Abutment Case

Case Report: Custom abutments using Locator Attachments to correct extreme implant angulation

Implant Identification

Mini-Implant Reconstruction Case


Zest Locator, Locator Attachment, PREAT Locator, Locator Dental, Implant Attachment



Hader Bar and Components (shown)

Hader Clips, Metal Housings, etc

Universal Plunger Loc attachment

Preci/Dolder Bar

LOCATOR Bar Attachment

Preci Clix

Round Bar

Plastic-Wax and Wax castable bar patterns

Ackermann Clips & C118 clips

CSA (Castable Spherical Attachment)

LASER attachment listing


Hader Bar

Preci Clix (shown)

LOCATOR Self-Aligning

Ceka Revax Axial & Inverted Axial

Preci Ball

O-Ring Overdenture System

Sphero Flex Post System


Zest Anchor

Shiner & Smart Magnet Systems

Concave Sphere Reconstruction Kits

Rothermann Attachment

Stud Attachment Reconstruction Case


clix overdenture stud

Preci Clix

Translucent, bondable, polishable e-glass fibers

Non-invasive bondable esthetic temporary or provisional restorations for single tooth implants

Non-metallic “Maryland” type bridges

Reinforced temporary or provisional bridges

Reinforced TMJ splints

Reinforced sleep apnea appliances

Reinforced and bondable orthodontic appliances

Quick, easy and strong repairs of full and partial removable dentures

Strong, bondable, reinforced inlay/onlay bridges

Reinforcement or strengthening of new full and partial removable dentures

Reinforced “Flippers”

Reinforced bruxism appliances and night guards

Intra oral direct bonded periodontal splints (occlusal, lingual, or labial)

Reinforced Overdentures

Pedodontic space maintainers

e-glass Fiber

e-glass mesh

Implant Overdenture Bars

Implant Fixed Detachable / Hybrid

Partial Denture Frameworks


Implantlink Temporary Implant Cement

eFiber for Direct Bonding and Splinting

Chairside Attachment Processing Material

Jawbone Wagner Impression Trays

Perma Block

Chairside Adjustment Kit

Thermoplastic Polishing Kit

Solnit Quiet Grab-Free System

Pickup Kit 300

Chairside Attachment Pickup Material

Zircoline Zirconia Adjusting System (shown)

Preci Post

Pozi Pins

Fiberglass & Brass Pencils

Liquid Colloidal Graphite

Precision Dial Calipers


FR Attachment

New Double Mandrel BPD (dovetail)

Splintastik (anterior rod & tube)

Internal Hex Pin Screw (shown)

Internal Hex Tube and Screw

Preci-Profile laser weld TI bars


Pin Screw

Shiner SR Magnet System

Implant, direct placement, or cast coping.

Shiner Magnet

Perma Ret(shown)


244 Blue Polishing Paste

Silicone Cutter / Polishers

Chairside Adjustment Kit

Goats Hair Brushes and Wheels

Ceka Sol solder

Perma Block

Thermoplastic Polishing Kit

Denture Stippling Mandrel


Perma Ret

FR Attachment

Adjustable Box

McCollum Attachment


Adjustable Box

Solnit Quiet Grab-Free System

 overdenture bar

overdenture stud