Extracoronal precision attachments for removable partial dentures are recommended when:

Extracoronal Precision attachments are normally resilient to allow free movement of the prosthesis to distribute potentially destructive forces or loads away from the abutments to supportive bone and tissue. Three distinctive movements are defined in function: (1) Hinge, (2) Vertical, and (3) rotational.

The fewer abutments remaining, and the weaker the abutments are, the greater the need for resiliency or free movement to direct the forces away from the abutments to the supportive bone and tissue via the base of the prosthesis.

Preci Clix

A new idea in removable partial dentures.

THREE male keeper options:

30, 45, and 60º patterns allow for improved hygiene– open embrasures and light gingival contact.

THREE 2.25mm Ø sphere options:

  • Plastic castable sphere pattern with cup bur
  • TI bondable sphere
  • TI thread-in sphere

THREE female retention options:

  • White for reduced retention
  • Yellow standard retention
  • Orange for increased retention

Audible *click* for patient security when prosthesis is engaged.


Clix 1271 and 1281
Clix 1276
5.10mm tall 5.30mm tall
3.40mm Ø 3.40mm Ø


Preci Sagix

Sagital ball attachment with segmented female for partial denture and overdenture bar constructions.

  • Two sizes 1.7mm Ø and 2.2mm Ø
  • Compatible with Bredent VKS-SG
  • Audible snap for patient security and increased retention
  • Prefabricated machined metal cast-to males provide consistent, accurate, reliable restorations.
  • Unique female contacts a greater surface area of the sphere for increased retention and stability.


1.7mm mini
2.2mm standard
3.10mm tall 4.10mm tall
3.10mm Ø 4.20mm Ø

Ceka Attachments

Ceka Revax

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Ceka Revax

The True Precision of the Ceka Revax systems provide for hinge, vertical, and rotational movements to provide maximum abutment protection.

Each attachment consists of three angulations of plastic female profiles with precision metal insert, male spring pin, and metal retention component. The three angulations allow the technician to design the case to fit the patient’s needs.


M2 Revax
M3 Revax
3.80mm tall 4.35mm tall
3.40mm Ø 4.40mm Ø

Ceka Classic


M3 Classic
3.55mm tall
4.30mm Ø

Preci Vertix and Vertix “P”

Preci Vertix Instructions

Instructions for Pre-Cast Hood

Case Study using Preci Vertix P

The Preci Vertix and Vertix “P” provides for hinge and vertical movements. It should be supported by a broad based ridge. The Vertix is a very inexpensive and popular system that provides patient comfort and abutment protection for both mandibular and maxillary bilateral removable partial dentures. Unilateral free end removable partial dentures should be cross arch stabilized.

The Vertix features time-saving and simple routine techniques, requires no additional tools, may be cast in any alloy to eliminate soldering and dissimilar alloys, and provides outstanding space-saving aesthetics. The plastic female absorbs negative movements to protect abutments and provide patient comfort.

It requires only a routine full coverage abutment preparation and provides easy patient insertion and removal. The only servicing requirement is the occasional, fast, easy female replacement. Three different female retention clips are available to accommodate all your retention needs.

The green castable hood allows the user to have a crown, or pontic, where traditionally the undesirable denture tooth is. The Preci Vertix P Combo kit comes with all the tools and components you need to do two units.


Vertix w/metal housing
Vertix w/castable housing
3.00mm tall 3.00mm tall
4.10mm Ø 3.30mm Ø

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Preci Vertix “P Preci Vertix

Preci Vertix AT

Adjustable extracoronal slide attachment. Burn-out plastic male or cast-to IRAX male. The friction of the titanium female can be progressively adjusted with screw and plastic friction part. Excellent attachment for lateral stabilization.

Total height: 4.40mm.


Vertix AT
4.40mm tall
2.60mm Ø

May be reduced by 1.00mm at tissue side.

Preci 52

The PRECI-52 spherical attachment is a small, universal joint connector allowing vertical and hinge movements.

Two different types of attachments are available: PRECI-52 U (Mini) and PRECI-52 S (Standard).

The female is made of burn-out plastic for casting with extremely hard alloys. The stainless steel male is a reversed spring-loaded connector allowing adjustable retention.

Compatible and may be used to service existing ASC52 cases.


Preci 52 Mini
Preci 52 Standard
3.15mm tall 3.40mm tall
3.15mm Ø 3.40mm Ø

Compatible with Mini-Dalbo and Swiss Mini attachment.

Extracoronal Adjustable Resilient Distal Extension Attachment.

Delrin castable male with Stainless Steel female.

Space Requirements:

  • 3mm vertical
  • Male 2.5mm ø
  • Female 3.5mm ø

american mini attachment


CSA Instructions

1.8mm Castable Spherical Attachment for extracoronal partial dentures and overdenture bars.


Short Male
Tall Male
3.10mm tall 4.50mm tall
4.30mm Ø 4.30mm Ø

O-SO Distal Extension

View OSO O-Ring Size Chart

The OSO is a popular extracoronal attachment that provides free movement in all planes for maximum protection. A proven retentive system utilizing an easily replaceable rubber O ring. This is a resilient attachment with vertical and hinge stress-breaking action for free-end and bounded partials. May be used in conjunction with other attachments.


5.2mm (may be reduced to 2.50mm) tall
2.00mm Ø

O-SO Distal Extension Attachment

Universal IC Attachment

The IC attachment is a popular spring loaded retaining attachment that provides free movement for abutment protection without requiring an abutment crown. The IC attachment requires a 180 degree reciprocal lingual arm.

The attachment consists of a male anchor and female inlay. It is made of a stainless, chrome-alloy like those used for casting partials. It will not tarnish or corrode, and when properly installed, will not malfunction even after years of wear.

Other benefits include no pulpal involvement, no gingival retraction before impressions, easy to adjust at the chair, and this is a reversible procedure.

  • Universal Male: 5.2mm length, 2mm Ø, 1mm nose
  • Universal Female: 2mm Ø, 0.8mm deep
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DSE Hinges

Bio-Mechanical Considerations in the use of Distal Stress Equalizers (DSE) in Partial Denture Restoration

The DSE Hinge is intended for use on bilateral clasp retained free end removable partial dentures to reduce loading or torquing of abutments. The small size is easy to work with and eliminates multiple inventory requirements. The unique design provides for easy freeing after casting and provides total lateral stability. For patients, it allows patient comfort and abutment protection by allowing independent unilateral function eliminating torquing leverage on the abutments on the nonfunctioning side. The miniaturized size allows utilization in short vertical spaces and provides for good esthetics.

Quantity Rates at 12, 24, and 100

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Mays Unilateral Attachment

Designed specifically for the unilateral distal extension, the Mays is the first attachment with a lingual locking arm. It can not be dislodged, but yet is easily removed for patient hygiene. 3mm vertical required. Specify Upper Left/Lower Right, or Upper Right/Lower Left.

Does not require a lingual or palatal arm. No cast chrome framework required or soldering; the male portion casts with the crowns. No parallelism is necessary, even on bilateral cases.

Maximum of three teeth replaced on unilateral cases.


3.00mm tall
2.00mm Ø

Mays Unilateral

Sphero RetroFit Kit

Ideal for replacing worn extracoronal attachments, such as the ERA or Ceka. Kit of 2 with all necessary components.

ZAAG mini Retrofit Kit

Ideal for replacing worn extracoronal attachments, such as the ERA or Ceka. Kit of 2 with all necessary components.